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Does water gain weight?

 Have you tried many diets and systems to lose weight? Are you still searching for the reason behind your weight gain? And you wonder, does water make you gain weight? Is it logical that he is the reason? The answers to this can be found in the following article.

There is much talk and gossip about the role of water in the weight loss process. So does it really contribute to weight loss? Or does water make you gain weight? Answers and more details can be found in the following article:

Does water gain weight?

The answer to the question "Does water make you gain weight?" by explaining the ways in which water contributes to weight loss:

1. Water helps burn calories

Many studies have shown the role of drinking water in increasing the amount of calories burned, especially during rest periods, and in the following are several studies that have looked at the effect of drinking half a liter of water on weight:

A study showed that drinking water increases the burning of calories during rest periods by 24% - 30%, and it is worth mentioning that this effect was observed 10 minutes after drinking water and continued until the sixtieth minute.

Another study was conducted on obese children, and it showed an increase in the rate of energy burned during rest periods after drinking cold water.

Another study was conducted on women who suffer from excess weight, and they did not make any change in their diet except for drinking plenty of water, and the results were a loss of 2 kilograms of weight after 12 months.

2. Reducing appetite when drinking water. Eat before meals

Some claim that drinking water before eating a meal reduces their appetite, and studies have shown this effect in middle-aged and elderly adults, while the same effect did not appear in younger people. We will explain some of the ongoing studies to investigate this effect in the following:

A study showed that drinking water before eating a meal in the elderly helped to lose weight by 2 kilograms after 12 weeks.

A study of middle-aged adults showed that drinking water before a meal helped lose 44% more weight than people who did not drink water before a meal.

3. Reducing calories consumed

Since water is a natural calorie-free drink, drinking it reduces calorie consumption, and it can be adopted as a substitute for other drinks rich in calories and sugar.

It is recommended that the amount consumed per day not be less than 2 liters, but if you are one of the people who sweat excessively or do intense exercise, then you should drink more water.

As for how to drink more water, the water can be flavored by adding slices of pineapple, cucumber, melon or mint to give the water a palatable flavor,