Min menu





 6 eggs

 1 noble extension

 4 garlic

 3 tablespoons grainy parsley

 1 kg of minced mixed meat


 Ground pepper

 100g of sooty leg in loop



 Bread loam

 1 spoon of sugar

 2 tablespoons of ketchup


 1. We put the brabaje with salt in a pot, and we put four eggs, we leave them until they boil 10 or 12 minutes, after that we pass them through cold liquid, and we peel them, we reserve. We peel the expansion and the garlic, and we chop them in crumbs very young, we reserve

 2. In a bowl we put the crumbs of three slices of bread dipped in a smack.  In a large bowl, we put the minced meat, salt and pepper it proportionately, we add the continuous parsley, 2 zygote yolks, a grain of oregano, the lump and the chopped garlic, we add the pieces of bread drained a chiragra.  Mix all the ingredients very perfectly, until they are homogeneous.

 3. Place a layer of meat in a long, shallow oven for the oven, place the hard-boiled eggs as seen in the photo, add the speckled rump escuincleños, arrange them perfectly and add the extra meat until the eggs are properly cooked , with the help of a malleable spatula we place the meat proportionately.

 4. We heat the roaster to 160º, and we put our incordant for ten minutes, while we prepare in a young bowl 2 tablespoons of ketchup, one of honey and a little powdered pepper, we put in the microwave atmosphere for approximately one minute.  After ten minutes, we remove the meat lead from the grill, and with the help of a gastronomy spatula or brush, we spread the kecchut with foot in addition to the meat firecracker, and we put it back on the grill, for one hour at 160º, in the medium drag area of ​​the barbecue so that it does not burn us with the oven.