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How to use protein for beginners

 The reputation of protein supplements of all kinds has spread in recent times, and with this spread, there have been many questions about them, including: How to use protein for beginners, you can find the details in the following article.

Protein supplements of all kinds, such as: pills and powders, are among the most common types of supplements, and they are used for many reasons, such as: muscle building and weight loss, but what is the way to use protein for beginners? The answer is as follows:

How to use protein for beginners

Since the uses of protein are multiple, the way it is used differs based on the purpose of eating it. Now learn how to use protein for different purposes for beginners:

How to use protein to lose weight

Protein is an important nutrient in the weight loss journey, as it increases metabolism and reduces appetite by reducing levels of the hormone ghrelin, or what is known as the hunger hormone, and increasing levels of appetite-suppressing hormones, such as: glucagon-like peptides (GLP). -1), peptide (YY), and cholecystokinin (CCK), meaning that eating more protein will reduce your calorie intake during the day.

As for the way to use protein for weight loss, it is recommended to eat between 80-120 grams of protein per day, and it is better to use it as a meal replacement, such as:

Add protein to your morning smoothie after your workout.

Add protein to your mid-day snack.

How to use protein to build muscle

In order to build muscle and gain strength, larger amounts of protein must be consumed. As for the method of using protein for beginners to build muscle, it is still a controversial topic. Details are as follows:

It is often recommended, based on older studies, to take protein supplements 15-60 minutes after exercise. This period of time is known as the anabolic window, and is the optimal time to utilize nutrients, including protein.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition reports that taking protein supplements within two hours after exercise is good and ideal for building muscle.

Other studies have shown that eating large amounts of protein in combination with resistance exercise is more important than the timing of protein intake.

How to use protein to prevent muscle loss

People lose muscle mass as they age, so it's important to focus on your protein intake as you age.

It is recommended to eat approximately 25-30 grams of protein per meal, and protein supplements can be relied upon and included in meals.