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What vegetables increase weight?

 Some individuals may avoid eating some types of vegetables because eating them may lead to weight gain, and through the following article we will share with you the answer to the question, What are the vegetables that increase weight?

There are many factors that have a clear role in controlling weight, including some diets that some may follow, there are many foods that may increase weight more than others, and based on that, we will answer your question that states, what are vegetables that gain weight?

What vegetables increase weight?

It is worth knowing that vegetables theoretically have a role in weight gain because of the high calories they contain, especially if they are eaten in large quantities and in excess, specifically starchy vegetables.

What are the vegetables that increase weight?

1. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the starchy vegetables that increase weight, as the starch produced by this type of vegetable is converted into glucose, which is the main component in the body in order to store fat, and thus glucose contributes to weight gain.

2. White potatoe

Potatoes contribute to weight gain. Because it is one of the strong sources of starchy carbohydrates, and carbohydrates play a role in storing unburned fats in the body in the form of excess fats, and thus potatoes increase weight.

Especially if it is eaten excessively in the form of fried potatoes, potato sticks, or potato chips, so it is usually recommended to eat it cooked or boiled.

3. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high in calories, in addition to being rich in carbohydrates. Which leads to weight gain, especially if the individual eats more calories than he burns.

4. Carrots

Carrots contain a good percentage of the sugar sucrose, so it could be the answer to the question, what vegetables make you gain weight? Carrots, and thus it is recommended to eat this type of vegetable in moderate quantities without excessive.

5. Beets

Although beets are among the vegetables that contain a low percentage of fat and cholesterol, they are among the vegetables that cause weight gain and gain, and this is usually attributed to its high calorie content.

6. Corn

Corn is famous for its high starch content, and as we know, foods and vegetables that contain starch are among the vegetables that contribute to weight gain, as the starch in corn helps to store fat in the body, especially if it is eaten as canned, or boiled and added some salt.

7. Other vegetables

Examples of vegetables that increase weight are not limited to what was previously mentioned, as there are many other examples, which are as follows:


Legumes of all kinds and shapes.

Starchy root vegetables.


vegetables for weight loss

After answering the question, What vegetables make you gain weight? Here are some examples of vegetables that help in weight loss:



Spaghetti squash.

Green Peas.