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250 ml of water

250 grams of flour

8 grams of salt

Sugar to sprinkle

Soft oil for frying


1. Heat water with salt in a pot

2. region the flour in a big bowl

3. Pour water about to boil on flour. Mix it with a spoon

4. Push the dough into a churrera or into a pastry sleeve with a star-shaped mouthpiece. Ensure that the dough is compact and without bubbles

5. Place the churro slices on a cloth.

6. Heat the oil in a pan and when the temperature reaches 200 degrees, fry the churros

7. Fry the churros on medium heat to prevent them from being excessively golden on the outside and raw on the inside

8. Place the fried churros on a tray with baking paper to remove the excess oil

9. Sprinkle with sugar and they're ready to serve